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If you have seen the request page, here's an updated one.
1. Only 5 Pokemobians per request. This is SPAM-prevention. Also, wait until your first request is finished.

2. Link an image. This is for if it is not an official Pokemon thing.

3. Simple recolors MAY OR MAY NOT be done. I will most likely only do this if I have made the sprite already, I'm ready for recolor dumps or I like it. This also applies to personal characters.

4. No repeating of one Pokemobian. Another SPAM-preventer. If there is one Pokemobian you want, I may be in the midst of it for another person. Just be patient, basically.

5. The list of acceptable requests are as follows (do identify which category each character is):

Official Pokemon
Official Mega Evolutions
Evolutionary Families [counts as how many are in the family (the Eevee family breaks this rule)]
Fake Pokemon (Fakemon)
Fake Mega Evolutions
Shiny Coloration (paired with normal coloration)
Recolors (read rule 3 for details)
Personal Characters
Retyped Pokemon (Charmandachu)
Ghost Pokemon (woOOoo kind, not Ghost type)
Zombie Pokemon
Shadow and Advanced Shadow Pokemon
Sand Pokemon
Robotic Pokemon
Glitch Pokemon
and more that I'll probably remember later (it's 12:08 AM right now)

So feel free to request a Pokemobian. I'll make a Mother's Day sprite thing tomorrow (for Mother's Day, in case ya didn't know)

- Posted by ShadoxelVoxel on May 10th, 2014, 11:09 pm    -   1 comments

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Posted by ShadoxelVoxel
May 10th, 2014, 11:10 pm

And by tomorrow, I meant later today.

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